Company Advantage

The film products of company are produced by advanced co-extrusion casting method, which covers 5 to 11 layers of products with different structures and properties. The product has high transparency, strong glossiness, good barrier performance and excellent thermoforming performance, which is especially suitable for automatic hot stretch forming packaging. Rich and diverse product structure can meet the general and even personalized packaging

requirements of meat products in various forms.meat products in various forms. The resin raw materials used by our company are from famous petrochemical companies all over the world, and the main resin raw materials used are EVOH, PA, PP, PE, EVA, PET, etc. Our products fully meet the requirements of environmental protection and safety. Qualified resin raw materials are transported to each corresponding extruder by closed storage tanks and pipelines to avoid secondary pollution of resin raw materials.


The central computer accurately controls the rotating speed of each extruder and the quantitative feeding system with accuracy up to one thousandth, which fully guarantees the stability of products. The advanced online closed-loop thickness control system accurately controls the vertical and horizontal thickness distribution of products per meter, and cooperates with 24-hour QC offline product detection and tracking to ensure the continuous and stable performance of products.

The effect of ultra-high frequency wide surface post-treatment and good winding flatness make the products fully meet the requirements of post-processing such as printing and compounding, and the perennial constant temperature workshop meeting GMP requirements covers all the processes to realize the products, ensuring the "spotless" and stable physical properties of the products.