PA/PE/PA/PE Forming Film for Bandage
Sinoplast's film for medical packaging is developed and designed to meet the vast range demands,excellent adaptability for different methods of sterilization.It keeps contents cleaning from fiber damage, dust, and other contamination

PA/PE/PE/PE Forming Film for Bandage

Sinoplast's forming films designed for medical accessories,suitable for medical bandage packing.GMP 100,000 standard specifications workshop,fully enclosed purified air condition to achieve medical grade requirements.

Materials:PA/PE,PE/PA/PE 11 layer cast film
Structure:Top Film:Medical uncoated paper               Uncoated Tyvek®
Thickness:30 micron≤ X ≤300micron;Common thickness 100,120,150mic


  • It can be sterilized and can be operated aseptically (such as clean opening),keep contents cleaning

  • It can be effectively sealed with various dialysis papers (DuPont TYVEK coated paper, imported/domestic medical dialysis paper), easy to tear and peel,achieve aseptic opening.

  • Excellent deep-drawing thermoforming effect,good transparecy and gloss to make a good and clear appearance for the contents inside.

  • Good puncture resistance and wear resistance,used as thermoforming film,suitable for various medical packaging

  • Excellent propertis for oxygen water and vapour barrier

  • Good puncture resistance and heat-sealing performance

  • High transparency and great gloss

  • Good peeling and sealing properties

  • Excellent performance for sealing with dialysis paper,suitable for medical packaging

Usage Condition:Pasteurization
Certificate:ISO13485(Special for medical packaging)
Samples:Free sample within 100M
Delivery Time:
4~5 weeks after deposite
MOQ:1 Tpn



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