PP/PE Breathable Lidding Film for PP Tray for Vegetable and Fruit
Sinoplast’s High-quality Cup & Tray Lidding film supply a wide range of widths and roll diameters. With a full line of multiple raw materials including PA(Nylon),PE(polyethylene),PP (polypropylene), PET(polyester).Property of easy-peel and anti-fog,with or without barrier performance.Printing available.

PP/PE Breathable Lidding Film for PP Tray for Vegetable and Fruit

Sinoplast's PP/PE breathable lidding film,used to seal PP tray,pack for vegetable and fruit,keep food clean from outside,excellent sealing capacity,with or without easy peel;Good clarity and gloss.

Production Description:

Materials:PP/PE cast film
Thickness:25micron to 120micron
Sealing Temperature:120℃ ~ 175℃
Usage:Seal PP tray
Application:Vegetable & Fruit
Color10 colors printing


  •  Wide seal range for diffierent materials of tray

  • Excellent sealing strength through contamination,minimizing leakers  

  • Easy and continuous peeling

  • Adjustable peel strength to match with your application

  • Sealable to all common plastics

  • Excellent puncture resistance

  • Outstanding machine performance



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