Sinoplast' Re-seal Lidding Film
Sinoplast’s High-quality Cup & Tray Lidding film supply a wide range of widths and roll diameters. With a full line of multiple raw materials including PA(Nylon),PE(polyethylene),PP (polypropylene), PET(polyester).Property of easy-peel and anti-fog,with or without barrier performance.Printing available.

Sinoplast' Re-seal Lidding Film

Product Description:

Materials:PET/PE with coating Laminated
Industrial Use:Fruit;Fresh mean;Seafood;CHeese;Poultry;
Function:Barrier Water Vapour
Appearance:High clarity high gloss
Thickness:25micron to 180 micron
Size:Width max 2200mm


  • With the special lack application specified as re-sealing, it prevents the packaged product to get mist over. 

  • It provides an elegant display possiblilty with its fresh and clear visual

  • Due to the features of the materials used in its production, it decreased the materials waste

  • With its transparent structure it makes it possible for the client to be able to see the product

  • It keeps the savour and the aroma of the inside product for a long time

  • Especially preferred for frozen food, fast food, delivery service, assorted nuts, dried fruits, processed fruit and vegetable packaging


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