Sinoplast's CPET Peelable Top Lidding Film for PP Tray
Sinoplast’s High-quality Cup & Tray Lidding film supply a wide range of widths and roll diameters. With a full line of multiple raw materials including PA(Nylon),PE(polyethylene),PP (polypropylene), PET(polyester).Property of easy-peel and anti-fog,with or without barrier performance.Printing available.

Sinoplast's CPET Peelable Top Lidding Film for PP Tray

Sinoplast's top lidding film for food packaging with easy peal property

Peelable films make the packages easy to open. The ultimate purpose for the lidding films in food processing and packaging is to seal in flavors, maintain the appropriate color, texture and quality of fodd which create customer satisfaction and loyal consumers.Suitable for packing product with high performance requirments, fresh chicken, chilling food, etc.

Production Description:

This top lidding film is a high barrier (HB), lightweight, multi-layer PE film with easy-peel properties and is designed to match perfectly to seal to PP multi-layer trays. This film also works perfectly for the form, materials of PP/PA/PP/PA thermoforming bottom web

Item Name:CPET Peelable Top Lidding Film for PP Tray
Thickness:35micron to 350 micron
Sealing Temperature:125℃ to 175℃
Usage:Seal to PP tray,or PP/PA thermoforming bottom film
Application:Fresh red meat, poultry, pork and fish, produce and snacking 
Benefits:Good optics, high barrier, high sealability, lock, seal and peelable options, safe and secure, light weight
Samples:Stock for free,charge for customizing samples
Delivery Term:4~5 weeks after deposit


  • Good sealing strength to PP tray

  • Peelable film for easy open

  • High barrier for oxygen and vapour

  • Good clarity and gloss

  • Lengthen self-life of food

  • Microwave and frozenable

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