Sinoplast's PET/PE Resealable Top Lidding Film
Sinoplast’s High-quality Cup & Tray Lidding film supply a wide range of widths and roll diameters. With a full line of multiple raw materials including PA(Nylon),PE(polyethylene),PP (polypropylene), PET(polyester).Property of easy-peel and anti-fog,with or without barrier performance.Printing available.

Sinoplast's PET/PE Resealable Top Lidding Film 

Sinoplast's offers a range of flexible packaging films. Our reasealable top lidding film,Reseal (PLATScribe) scribing patented technology. This is hidden within the film area (print is applicable).Plat Reseal is a controlled del-lamination of the sealant layer. / PET welds to the sub straight of the tray. The upper layer (that has been pre-laser scribed) peals and reseals to the remaining film underneath.No Uneven Outside Diameter (OD) on rolls (unlike label technology).

Production Description:

Item Name:Resealable lidding film
Materials:PET/PE coating
Thickness:≥40 micron
Application:Fresh red meat, poultry, pork and fish, produce and snacking 
Usage:PET tray,PP tray,PS tray
Sealing Temperature:120℃ to 175℃
Color:Up to 10 colors printing 
MOQ:2 Tons
Delivery Term:5~7 weeks


  • Resealable Film To All Tray Lidding Applications

  • Resealable Vertical & Horizontal FFS applications

  • Markets; Produce, Snacks, Ready Meals

  • Multi Layers laminated or mono layer design

  • No Uneven Outside Diameter (OD) on rolls (unlike label technology).

  • Smooth Un-winding of the rolls when machinery runs


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