PA/PP/PA/PP High Temperature Retort Pouch
Sinoplast's vacuum pouches provide a versatile packaging method for a wide variety for both food and nonfood.Our high quality vacuum pouches are consructed from optimmized film with different structure and materials,to meet different demands for our customers,suitable for all kinds of vacuum machine,quickly vacuumize and excellent sealing

PA/PP/PA/PP High Temperature Retort Pouch

A retort pouch is a thin, lightweight, flexible laminated plastic package used to hold processed foods. It's essentially a can and glass jar replacement product that combines the longevity of traditional food preservation methods with the convenience and benefits of a thin, relatively malleable container.

Production Description:

Item Name:PA/PP/PA/PP retort pouch
Thickness and Sizes:≥90 ℃
Pouch ShapeThree Sides Sealing bags with round corner
Usage Condition:-40℃~121℃
Samples:Free for stock,charge for customizing samples


The retort pouch has several advantages. It weighs less than a metal can. It is flexible, meaning that it can handle a lot of abuse when taken away from home or on military maneuvers. Because it is flat, it takes up little space, making it easier to carry in a backpack or pocket. The flat shape also gives the pouch an advantage during processing. In the plant, the pouch is filled with food, sealed, and then retorted at temperatures of 240 to 250 °F to commercially sterilize the contents. Because a pouch is flat, it takes much less time than a metal can does to heat the contents to the point of commercial sterilization. That can result in a better tasting product.


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