Vacuum Pouch PA/PE 3-Side Seal with blue
Sinoplast's vacuum pouches provide a versatile packaging method for a wide variety for both food and nonfood.Our high quality vacuum pouches are consructed from optimmized film with different structure and materials,to meet different demands for our customers,suitable for all kinds of vacuum machine,quickly vacuumize and excellent sealing

Vacuum Pouch PA/PE 3-Side Seal with blue

PA/PE vacuum bags for packing and preserving dates and other dired fruits.Co-extruded films are used as a barrier film for bags making which used on vacuum sealer;Bags conserve aroma and premium product appearance as well as pack shape;The high oxygen barrier and EVOH protect against light,water and vapor,creating an ideal atmosphere to preserve taste while extending shelf life and also provide high clarity and glosssiness and excellent sealing

 Production Description:

Item name:Vacuum Pouch PA/PE 3-Side Seal with blue
Structure:Water quenched co-extruded film;Wind Cooled co-extruded filmCast co-extruded film
Thickness:≥70 um
Heat Sealing Temperature125℃≤ X ≤175℃
Color:Surface printing;12 colors
Production Description:
  • Suitable for packing product with high punture performance requirements for meat with ribs;

  • Perfect sealing performace;

  • Effective transparency; Stylish gloss;

  • Excellent properties on gas barrier, moisture proof;

  • Highly suitable for Shaped pouch application;

  • Longer shelf life, storage time


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