High Barrier Vacuum Skin Packaging for Meat
Sinoplast’s vacuum Skin film is a highly protective film specifically designed for sealing to rigid mono PET trays,semi rigid-trays,case ready and easy open case ready,flexible format bottom web,used on filling and sealing vacuum skin thermoforming lines.Easy-open film with a firm,consistent peelable property,provide a safe and secure seal that prevents contamination and leakage,improving customer convenience.

High Barrier  Vacuum Skin Packaging for Meat

Sinoplast's vacuum skin packaging (VSP),designed for fresh meat,with excellent barrier and sealing strength through contamination,Tightly seal like skin protect contents and save more space and reduce to move during storage and transit.Maximum clarity and glossy show great point-of-sale appearance,and excellent barrier property extend shelf-life

Production Description:

Item nameVacuum Skin Packaging VSP
Structure:EVOH high barrier 11 layer cast film
Thickness:100micron 110micrn 140micron 150micron
Application:Fresh meat;Cheese;Ready meal;
Usage condition:-4℃ ~ 100℃
Samples:Free for stock,charge for customizing samples
Delivery term:5~6 weeks

While vacuum skin packaging (VSP) has been available for the past several years, the technology seems to be gaining momentum as a preferred package of choice for more premium food options. This shift toward greater acceptance is due in large part to newer films that can accommodate products of different shapes, high protrusions and sharp edges. And with the ability to skin pack with paperboard, there’s an expanded range of applications and options for VSP.

VSP can be used with poly-coated paperboard

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