High barrier EVOH film for Medical Ostomy Bag/Colostomy bag
Sinoplast's film for medical packaging is developed and designed to meet the vast range demands,excellent adaptability for different methods of sterilization.It keeps contents cleaning from fiber damage, dust, and other contamination

High barrier EVOH film for Medical Ostomy Bag

Product Description:

Structure:11 layer EVOH cast film
Color:Skin color & transparency
Thickness:30 micron to 150micron
Usage:Based materials for ostomy bag
Processing Type:Multiple Extrusion
Band Name:Sinoplast


  • EVOH as barrier layer in the middle,excellent proformance in aroma retention and gas barrier

  • PE as outer layer,suitable for printing and laminating after corona 

  • PE as as sealing inner layer to ensure good sealing performance

  • Excellent propertis for oxygen water and vapour barrier,extend shelf life of contents,keep food freshing for a long time

  • Great odor barrier properties to keep the flavor

  • Good puncture resistance and heat-sealing performance

  • High transparency and great gloss, improve the brightness and saturation of the product packaging.

  • Suitable for laminating and printing



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