Sinoplast'Eto Sterilization Forming Film and Non-forming Film for Hish Speed Thermoform Machine
Sinoplast's film for medical packaging is developed and designed to meet the vast range demands,excellent adaptability for different methods of sterilization.It keeps contents cleaning from fiber damage, dust, and other contamination

Sinoplast'Eto Sterilization Forming Film and Non-forming Film for Hish Speed Thermoforming Machine

Production Description:

Item Name:Forming film for medical device packaging
Sterilization Method:ETO
Application:Medical device packing
Size:Cuotomize width & length &thickness
Usage:Bottom web to match with top web,such as Uncoated Tyvek®
Other:Peelable and color customized

Why Choose Us?

Our workshop:

p GMP 100,000 standard specifications workshop,fully enclosed purified air condition to achieve food & medical grade requirements

p Advanced Germany 7&11 layer co-extrsion casting equipments.With our experienced,skilled and innovative research team


Our Quality Control:

Central computer accurately controls the quantitative feeding system of each extruder,fully guarantees the stability of products. Advanced online closed- loop thickness control system accurately controls the vertical and horizontal thickness of products,2.5cm one point, cooperates with 24-hour QC offline product detection and tracking 100,000 GMP standard to closed and pure air- consitioning production workshop,covers all the processes to achieve "spotless



Q1:What's your MOQ?

For our common product,MOQ is 1 ton,customized product should be more than 2 tons

Q2:Are you factory or trade company?

We are manufacturer located in Zhejing Province,also we can find different resources for our customers as service

More details,kindly pls contact with us!


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